American FatAss

*I searched the words “Because Murica” and the images in this blog, are results from that search. The Heart Attack Grill photo, is mine.*


Lately I have been thinking about, as well as noticing they are again changing the food sizes on us. Statistically they say that Americans are either Obese or Obese AND overweight.  This includes Adults, children and teens, mostly in the southern states. 


In the 90’s I remember going to fast food restaurants and the whole family could eat for $20 or less if it was a kids eat free day. These days, you can barely feed 2 people at any fast food place for $16 without a dessert and some combos don’t even come with a drink like at Long John Silvers (who by the way, used to let kids eat free). 

I also remember that back then the drink sizes were different. A kids drink was 12oz, a small was 16oz, a medium was 20oz, and if you were feeling brave then you got a large 32oz. These days a 20oz is a small drink with a combo! And what is up with places putting a shake in place of your drink and making you either sub in a drink or buy it separate? Fool if I wanted to suck a thick shake through a straw with my food(I prefer thick over soupy), I would tell you! IF I get ice cream, I wait until I finish eating and then consider ice cream if I have room.


People are going to eat what they want or what’s cheaper, and let’s face it, the healthier options are NOT cheaper. Let’s say you have $5 for lunch and you run to the local burger joint. Do you see any salads on the value menu? If you want a salad oh look, the price for a salad starts at $3.99 and of course there will be tax, so you can either A: Get the salad, drink some water with it, and be hungry again in an hour, or B: Get a burger, fries, and a drink off the value menu and walk out with change. Most people are going to go with option B because they can get a double meat burger with cheese on it for about $1.29 get a large drink for $1 and a medium fry for about $1.79 and feel fuller, longer. 

All the frying trends don’t really help, and neither do all the other crazy food trends. But again, people are going to eat whatever we want. Many people look forward to the Fair each year, just to walk around and try the latest fried whatever on a stick. 



We have talked about the growing drinks that they want to start “taxing” more for, but now lets talk about the shrinking food and growing prices. We used to be able to go buy ice cream by the half gallon. I remember how my dad would take the ice cream when we got home and cut it into 4 equal sections (this was before my younger sister came along) so that we all had our own pint worth or ice cream. that way nobody had to fight and if you ate all of yours at once, that was on you. Then they decided to raise the price on us and give us 3 pints!  I swear the pints have gotten smaller too and it’s not just that my hands grew. I’m the same size I was at 15. They lie to us about drink sizes too, either the cup makers or the bottling companies do because I did an experiment one day. I took what was supposed to be a 20oz cup and a brand new “20oz” bottle of soda. I didn’t put any ice in the cup. I started pouring the soda into the cup and it would not hold all of it. No I didn’t spill from filling too fast, I let it settle between pours but there was still soda left in the bottle. Then I poured what was in the cup and the rest of the bottle contents into a supposed 32oz cup and it came to around 1 to 1-1/2 inches of the rim.

I grew up eating at places like Braum’s and Sonic and even then I would always get a 1/3lb bacon cheeseburger combo at both of them. I was happy when a Braum’s was added to my neighborhood a few months ago. But then they went and changed on me about a month later. I went to grab a bite to eat and being used to the old sizes, I really didn’t pay attention to the fact that they no longer offer any 1/3 or 2/3lb burgers. These fools want to go all Mcdonalds on people by changing their burgers to 1/4lb and 1/2lb burgers. Not only that but they now include a “Shake” in every combo so you have to ask for a drink. Oh and the shakes are only Strawberry, vanilla, Or Chocolate so I am sure the other flavors will cost you! Many people including me, took to the company facebook page with complaints. How could Braum’s do this to us?? I ate my food that day, but now all I will go there for is ice cream. Then recently I went to Sonic and was horrified to find out that they did the same thing! They too no longer offer 1/3lb or 2/3lb burgers but for a slightly higher price, you can get a 1/4lb or 1/2lb burger!! I’m afraid to go to Whataburger now, what if they change too!?!?!? I guess if I want a burger that will fill me up, I should go eat at the Heart Attack Grill again on my next trip to Vegas to support my honey. 

If you are ever in Las Vegas, make your way to the Heart Attack Grill. The burgers are MASSIVE even the single patty burgers! So if you go, take your appetite because you will need it! If you don’t finish your food, you will get spanked with a PADDLE by your waitress. I still remember our “Nurse” Lola. She was sweet and told me as long as I finished the meat I wouldn’t have to get one. We both finished, but my fiance still took a spanking TWICE so we could get it on video for his boss as proof we ate there. His boss told us about that place, and was even kind enough to give us the money to eat there. I said Nurse because you are a “Patient” and given a hospital gown to put on when you go in. You return it when you leave. They also have special “Prescriptions” you can order that come in adorable pill bottles as shots. I’d love to go again if we are able this time, but I also want to try places we haven’t before. But if I want to eat there again, i’m sure I will because MURICA!


That’s all for now, Until next time



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