How to enjoy Las Vegas on a budget Part 1

I’M BACK!!!!

As part of my Hiatus, I took my 3rd trip to Las Vegas to support my Fiance in the WAL World Arm Wrestling National Championships. He took 5th place with his Left arm in Heavyweights by the way! Up from 6th in 2016 and 8th in 2015!! 


The WAL really dropped the ball this year and had us scrambling to save and raise money doing fundraiser dinners and a bake sale among other things to be able to go. Even worse, they cancelled the Championships on the guys just 2 weeks before it was supposed to take place. They ended up getting a lot of backlash and the next day they said they would hold one but had to get it together and prize money dwindled drastically.. Nonetheless, we were still determined to have fun on a budget while there.

So how did we do it?

Well for starters, a friend was kind enough to book our hotel and flights for us. We paid her for the flights before going, and are now paying her back for the hotel.  Next we planned out meals and drinks, knowing that for just 1 meal a day even at food courts we would stand to spend $30 for 2 meals and drinks and even more at buffets. We knew from previous years that a bottle of water can run you $4-$10 depending on type, and you can find people on walkways selling water for $1. But we got even smarter. Since we can check 2 bags each but always only check one, we decided to take a 2nd checked bag for one of us. We keep a luggage scale handy to make sure we don’t exceed 50lbs per checked bag, so it was easy to distribute things to take among 3 checked bags. I’ll get to what we packed later, but for now, enjoy a few pics we snapped…

19553879_10209618574965721_2568752259656827198_n19553915_10209618570005597_6330541595548525670_n19554000_10209618516924270_7542012165700612914_nSANY0667 - Copy (2)

Over the last 3 years, we have been able to get a lot of things free or BOGO on our trips to Las Vegas and i’m not just talking about what you find when you google “Free things to do in Las Vegas” either. How was I able to score FREE buffet passes, FREE attraction tickets $50 FREEPLAYs and more?

19601566_10209618517884294_219130476181585453_n - Copy (2)

I started Playing MyVEGAS slots on Facebook when it first came out and was glad I did when I finally got to take my first trip to Las Vegas. I even got my Fiance playing on his account so we could redeem more rewards each trip. MyVEGAS has now expanded to include myKonami Slots, Pop Slots, and LuckyLife slots (please note that this one doesn’t sync).  I recommend you first use it on facebook through a laptop or desktop, then on a mobile device download myKonami slots, MyVegas Slots, and Pop Slots and link them all to your facebook account. This will sync up your start up LP on each platform, but not the chips so each one has it’s own chips. After you sync, you don’t have to keep any of the apps if you don’t want but the best to keep are MyKonami and POP slots. On Facebook through a desktop or laptop, you get a daily spin for chips, friends who play add multipliers to that, and you get to build up a strip with hotels and other locations that give you random amounts of chips several times per day once built. MyKonami gives you a daily spin good for chips or tickets and you get 5 tickets every 4 hours. The tickets are used 5-100 per spin on mini games good for chips, tickets, or XP. Popslots gives you bonuses depending on your level. For example, at my current level I get 2,750,000 chips every 2 hours and a 10,000,000 daily log in bonus. There are several different “casinos” to go in on this game and you play on machines with up to 3 others and if someone triggers free spins, everyone on those 4 machines get them!! Here are some PC screenshots from mine and those are not all the rewards I have used nor all the rewards they have. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If at this point you are still wondering is it worth it to play because other games like Chumba make you pay real money to see any kind of payout or reward, I assure you that we have never bought any of the offered chips packages, and have redeemed about 20+ rewards between the 2 of us in just 3 trips. You can redeem rewards every 30 days if you like and can afford it with your earned LP (the gold chips are what you use to “buy” rewards). There are certain limits, limitations, and possible black out dates, but you can always check out the information and get a refund of your LP if needed. They will let you refund up to 5 unused rewards you purchased every 30 days if for some reason you can’t use them. What kind of rewards you can redeem are constantly changing, but some are consistent. They refresh rewards once per day so on some that sell out fast, you have to know when and be quick about it. On most rewards you purchase, you have 90 days to redeem it, but be aware that some like concerts are only on a certain date.

MGM owns most of the Casinos, so you can only use 3 rewards from their properties per account  every 30 days. Once you redeem a reward from an account, you are forever associated with that account, so don’t think you can get by them by using different accounts. You will get 1 MLife account good for all MGM properties and it will be forever linked to that MyVegas account. There is a way that you can use more rewards in a single trip however, some rewards do not count towards your MGM limit of 3 such as Monorail passes, Mob museum passes, Wolfgang Puck rewards etc… If you do try to purchase more than 3 MGM rewards in 30 days, it will warn you before completing the purchase.

What kind of rewards can you redeem? As I said, they do change, but they keep a good and huge selection for you to choose from. These can include, Room comps or discounts, Buffet passes. BOGO buffets, Attraction passes, Restaurant discounts, Free drinks, Nightclub passes, Cruise ship credits, Casino Freeplay up to $50, A wedding package, overseas rewards and so much more!!!!! If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, give this game a shot! 

See you in Part 2

Until Next time,





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  1. Rae says:

    Vegas local here. Avoid the $1 bottled water –many are bottles pulled out of the trash & refilled with tap water


    1. CicisSweets says:

      Thanks for adding that.


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