How to enjoy Las Vegas on a budget Part 3

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For part 3 of this series, let’s discuss entertainment. 

Now, Las Vegas has been called many things including Disney World for Adults. I personally wouldn’t consider taking kids there or even going while pregnant, but there are a LOT of people who do. I mean sure there are a lot of cool things you could do with your kids, but be prepared… Be prepared for them to see muscled up, shirtless men in chaps. They will also see half dressed showgirls, as well as women who forgot their underwear at home because “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and they let everything hang out. It’s not just the skinny ones or just the women either. Everyone is on vacation and give no fucks if you brought your kids with you. You ALL have to see it, there is just no avoiding it on the way to the next attraction or hotel. You will encounter bums on walkways either sleeping or holding up a sign that says “Why lie, I need a beer” You will even see one in a wheelchair asleep with a tall can of beer in his hand. You will encounter drunks who yell and curse and spit racist comments at everyone for no reason….. So if you don’t want your kids to see all that, leave them at home. If you are saying “They see and hear worse on TV and the internet so that won’t be a big deal” and you can afford a family trip, fret not! I will still tell you about family friendly things to do. Let’s get to it!  


The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay- On my first (his 3rd) trip to Las Vegas, I scored us 2 free passes (a $50+ tax value) to the Shark Reef and I must say it was a good choice to get with MyVEGAS rewards (Read Part 1 if you don’t know what that’s about). We actually ended up going with 4 other family members (they didn’t play the game and had to pay full price to get in) and we all enjoyed ourselves. When you go in, they take some photos of you (we pooled our money to buy 3 photos so each couple could have one) and hand you a card to show in the gift shop later to see or buy pics on the way out. Once inside, the aquarium is huge and you see all kinds of sea life swimming around. They have tunnels you can walk thru with things swimming above and below you. There is even an area where you can touch starfish and sting rays. For this attraction children 3 and under get in free. Children 4-12 are $19 to get in. Ages 13-64 pay $25 to get in, and 65+ pay $23 to get in. MyVEGAS still does 2 free pass rewards as well as 1 free pass rewards. Keep in mind that the 2 passes sell out faster than the 1 pass, and this does count in your MGM limit of 3 redeemptions in 30 days. And no, it does not count as 2 MGM rewards if you score the 2 free passes reward.  

The Hershey’s store- Located inside NYNY, is a cool place to take the kids, but they might try to talk you into buying some expensive candy. It’s up to you whether this is free or not, LOL. They have figures you can pose and take pictures with, lots of candy, and lots of giant souvenirs. There is also a Twizzlers Statue of liberty in there and a Chocolate one. Here are a few pics we snapped. The syrup bottles are big banks!!

The M&M’s store- On the other side of the strip is where you will find this little gem. They have huge M&M figures outside for you to take pictures with and lots of cool stuff inside, so again it is up to you if this is free or your kids talk you into spending big bucks. There is a long wall of different M&M’s for you to choose in bulk at your discretion. We resisted the urge to buy anything, but took some photos so of course I will share a few now.


The fountains at Bellagio- Bellagio has a cool fountain show daily. M-f from 3pm-8pm they have a show every 30 minutes, and from 8pm to midnight they have a show every 15 minutes. Saturdays and holidays the shows start at Noon, and on Sundays the shows start at 11am-7pm with the every 1/2 hour shows and 7-12 for the every 15 minute shows. You should really see it after dark when there are lights along with the music.  We didn’t take any pictures, but we shot a video. 

The Fall of Atlantis show- This is inside Caesar’s Palace in the Forum Shops, and you have to walk a long way to get there. The up side is, you get to taste Gellato samples on the way to it. It is a 7 minute show that starts every hour on the hour daily until 10pm. There is also a huge wrap around aquarium, but it is hard to get photos of it because people waiting for the show to start are standing and sitting all around it. But here are a few shots we got. 

Madame Tussauds Wax museum Las Vegas- This is located about halfway down the strip near the Venetian which has a great fountain below for photos. You could take the Monorail, the bus, or walk.  A basic admission would run you $31 per person, and includes a 4d movie experience at the end. Of course thanks to MyVEGAS, we scored a BOGO and only had to pay admission for 1 of us! They have about 100 different figures you can take pics with. At this one for the souvenir photos they take before you go in, you can choose signs or emoji faces to hold. Signs say funny things like “Send money”. Here are a few snaps from there. 

Secret Garden and Dolphin habitat- this one is located inside Mirage. We got 2 free passes, but ages 4-12 get in all day for $17 and 13 and up get in for $22 or if you can afford it, for $500 you can be a trainer for a day with a 5 hour experience. The best time to go is around 1:00 pm and you will soon understand why. We first saw the male dolphins and then the female dolphins. They do training exercises with them often so you can see them do tricks and “trainer for a day” buyers can feed them and have them do tricks too. We then wandered in and had souvenir pictures taken on our way to see the big cats. True when we got in there, we were a bit disappointed that all the lions, tigers, panthers, and leopards were asleep. We walked around and soon some started to wake up so my fiance went a little crazy snapping pics once they got active. Then I overheard a man say that at 2 pm they would change out the animals and bring new ones in. It was around 1:40 by then, so I figured sure let’s wait and see. About 20 minutes later, a man came around and started changing the name plates on all of the exhibits. the cats all knew the switch out was coming so they all began to wake up and spray the areas they were in. The man told us the order they would be changing the cats out in and we waited. Soon enough, they did start taking the first animals out and then a few minutes later a new one or 3 would come out in it’s place. The new ones would run around spraying over everything the previous tenant(s) had, and jump into the water pouncing on giant balls.

There are a lot more fun, free, and MyVEGAS rewards free things that you can do in Las Vegas. My Fiance’s favorite thing to do is ride the Roller Coaster at NYNY, so every year we get him some sort of pass to ride it with MyVEGAS rewards. An individual ride will run you $15, an all day scream pass is $26, or you can buy a family pass for 4 people for $70 and you will also get 2, 5×7 close up photos. Nevada residents do get a discount on paid attractions, but not out of state residents… 

I hope this information has been helpful, and I might just have 1 or 2 more parts for this series…. We shall see. 

Until next time,



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