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Lemonade stands

*Photos found on Bing* I don’t see lemonade stands anymore or even hear about them unless it’s a story in the news about a kid getting in trouble with the law for not having a permit. Today during my daily Microsoft Rewards points accumulation, they had a link to DIY Lemonade stands worth 10 points….

A 1 pound cake A 2 pound cake, not pound cake.

A 1 pound cake, A 2 pound cake, not a Pound cake.  *First 3 photos found via Bing search* These are things that customers actually ask Bakers for. No I have not personally been asked to make a cake that weighs no more than 1 or 2 pounds, but it has come up in an…

Inspiring an Imagination in the Next Generation of Women

This is a good read. When Women Inspire Inspiration helps the next generation of women jump higher. Photo via Pexels. We found ourselves caught in a shower thought the other day and it was all about how we can best inspire our daughters so that they can one day inspire others. After all, they are…