Current food RECALLS. Do you know about them??

Current recalls as of 6/13/2017


Lemonade stands

*Photos found on Bing* I don’t see lemonade stands anymore or even hear about them unless it’s a story in the news about a kid getting in trouble with the law for not having a permit. Today during my daily Microsoft Rewards points accumulation, they had a link to DIY Lemonade stands worth 10 points….

A 1 pound cake A 2 pound cake, not pound cake.

A 1 pound cake, A 2 pound cake, not a Pound cake.  *First 3 photos found via Bing search* These are things that customers actually ask Bakers for. No I have not personally been asked to make a cake that weighs no more than 1 or 2 pounds, but it has come up in an…

Inspiring an Imagination in the Next Generation of Women

Originally posted on When Women Inspire:
Inspiration helps the next generation of women jump higher. Photo via Pexels. We found ourselves caught in a shower thought the other day and it was all about how we can best inspire our daughters so that they can one day inspire others. After all, they are next generation.…

Fast food nightmares, and why you should ask for fresh.

In addition to my love of cooking and baking, I consider myself a foodie. I like to try different and new places when I can, but living in a small town doesn’t give many options. I also make sure to leave a review on TripAdvisor when I do eat out, and I am a top…

My Inspiration

My inspiration for both Cooking and Baking, was my dad. I say was, because he passed away when I was a teenager. Until he died, dad was always there and teaching us girls something. Whether it was how to check the oil in a car, or how to bake a pie from scratch. I learned…